Mind Less Company

Mind Less Company

is an art group established in Jyväskylä, Finland 2009.

The assembly presents itself as a genuine international company. The company consists of five members of which three are active at the moment - two professional artists and one researcher.

MLC creates both larger concepts and quick responses to current topics. The group crystallizes a wide spectrum of matters into gestures and to an imitation of commercial and institutional textuality, content and appearance. MLC concretizes the part of the society the group does not agree with and which so easily expands to absurd. Mind Less Company employee just does the job, is nobody, doesn't care because is required not to.

The interactivity with public starts from that meeting of visual effects, given information and chosen location. The company does not provoke, it is just working in certain outfit with certain purpose.

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Uula Kontio:
Mind Less Shopping Service 2010
Mind Less Guiding Systems 2009
Mind Less Art Evaluation/ collecting data 2011

Matti Salmi:
Mind Less Art Termination 2010
Mind Less Research Finland 2010

Rune Snellman:
Mind Less Service/ Seppeleen lasku 2010
Mind Less Art Evaluation/ Results 2011

Joaquim Carrapato:
Economic Growth/ Evora, Portugal 2011

Mari Jänes:
Economic Growth/ Tartto, Estonia 2012

Pekka Suomäki:
Art Evaluation/ Nocturne Analysis 2012

Hannu Hjerppe:
Art Evaluation/ Kipinä 2013

Jefunne Gimpel:
Art Evaluation/ Kipin? 2013

Ilari Kähönen:
Art Evaluation/ Art Fair Suomi 2013

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